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Syscal brings big business IT solutions to small business clients

March 28, 2017

Syscal, an IT company serving small businesses and non-profit organizations, is driven by its values.

Growth is chief among its core values, and pertains to personal and professional development for both clients and employees. “We look at it as a full spectrum,” says Chris Bilodeau, partner at Syscal. “We’re not just talking about dollars and cents.”

Syscal was founded by Chris’ friend Dan Engbers in 2004. Chris joined four years later to help grow the business and hasn’t looked back. With a background in sales management, Chris’ work largely centres on clients. He says meeting with clients is the best part of his job.

“I love sitting with them and talking about solutions and seeing that through. I’m motivated by relationships. I enjoy conversations about their vacations, their kids.”

“It gets me out of bed in the morning.”

Time up front is another core value of Syscal, which brings “big business thinking” to its small business clients. “We’re not a ‘band-aid shop,’” says Chris. “We do a lot of consulting and planning with our clients, getting down to the root of their IT issues and coming up with a big-picture solution.”

The office culture at Syscal is also centred around its core values. Their internal rewards program “Hey Tacos” encourages staff to reward each other’s good work with metaphorical tacos. Employees that earn a certain number of tacos get $50 gift cards. “It’s a way of patting each other on the back,” says Chris.

Charitable alignment with Syscal is a top priority for Chris this year. “I want to be more deliberate with our volunteering, and allow our employees time to do that.”


Click here to learn more about Syscal’s services and philosophy.
Meet the team at Syscal.
Contact Syscal via email, or call (403) 815-0813.
Connect with Chris on LinkedIn.
Check out Syscal’s Sustainability Profile.

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