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Living Locally

Daycamps that get your kids to love healthy food

May 27, 2016

By popular demand, Poppy Innovations has launched a series of summer daycamps for kids and preteens.

Poppy Innovations is an organization that teaches healthy eating habits through learning to grow and cook food, something that founder Sharon McCormick believes needs to be addressed early on if we are to overcome the current epidemic of childhood obesity.

Parents and kids alike have repeatedly asked for programming that spans multiple days in order to broaden their learning and food skills development. This summer Poppy Innovations will offer full and half-day camps, covering four major themes, which Sharon developed based on the feedback and needs from participants in her cooking classes: 

Young Athletes teaches proper eating habits and easy recipes for kids involved in sports during the school year.
Culinary Masters is for kids who already know the basics, and teaches them how to create recipes from scratch and prepare foods with “mystery box” ingredients, in a style inspired by the popular cooking show Chopped.
Science in the Kitchen: Plants We Eat shows kids how to grow their own food, and cooking with plant-based ingredients like plant protein.
Science in the Kitchen: Kitchen Chemistry focuses on preparing dishes that have some sort of enzymatic change during the cooking process.

The two science-based programs will “bring together what they’ve been learning in school about math and science applied to food, and continue their learning in a fun way.”

Sharon says she’s really excited to see the kids get creative in the kitchen, and seeing their enthusiasm for cooking. “Learning to cook is an important part of children growing up, and being able to have those skills and recognize how to build a healthy life for themselves.”

Her last piece of advice for parents enrolling their kids in this program? “Don’t pack a lunch.”


Enroll your kids in a full or half-day camp program. Class sizes are small, so get in while you can! Full-day programs are at the South Health Campus, while half-day programs are held at the Strathcona, Christie and Aspen Community Association.
Can’t do the daycamp, or want to cook with your kids too? Check out Poppy Innovations’ other programs here, including the Garden Club at the Calgary Farmer's Market.
Follow Poppy Innovations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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