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Living Locally

Making social media simple with Simply Social Marketing

May 26, 2016

Simply Social Marketing is a social media consultancy, founded by Kate Portwood, which unleashes the power of social media to help clients grow their businesses.

Crediting her passion for marketing and her fascination with the ever-changing landscape of social media as the inspiration to start her own consultancy, Kate launched the business part-time in 2012. “I was pretty young then, I decided to take the risk and see where it would take me,” she says.

Social media marketing was still a niche at the time, with few businesses having someone in-house designated to it. The field has grown exponentially since then, and Kate says the things that you can do with social media as a marketing tool “still blows my mind.”

“Facebook marketing is something that I really focus on, due to the sheer power Facebook has as an advertising hub. The amount of information they can offer marketers and the different tracking abilities you have to speak directly to your audience is pretty cool.”

Simply Social Marketing offers plans for social media advertising, social media management, analysis and reporting, and digital and social strategy development. Kate says it excites her to see what a good social media strategy can do.

Kate has helped local businesses grow their social communities, build their online presence, increase their video views, and achieve their objectives with carefully executed campaigns and sound strategies.

Although marketing promotions is traditionally viewed as competitive marketplace, both in terms of service providers and consumer products, Kate has a more community oriented approach. “I’ve been trying to look at similar or like-minded businesses as allies and people to learn from instead.”


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