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Building secondary suites with integrity

Clear Builders Corp and Pure Property Management support affordable housing

Clear Builders and Pure Property Management are helping renters in Calgary feel proud of their homes.

The two companies are owned by general contractor Jason Mosby, his wife Season, and their two business partners, Hollis and Jamie Sylvester. They work in tandem with clients to build and renovate secondary suites, find the perfect tenants, and act as their landlords by taking care of rent collection, leasing, and house calls.

The names “Clear” and “Pure” stem from the board’s desire to be as transparent and upfront as possible with clients. “I believe there should be transparency in the business that we do,” says Jason. “It allows the client to have the peace of mind that they’re getting exactly what they’ve been told. There are no secrets.”

Jason has made a niche for himself building secondary suites. In 2013, one-third of all legal basement suites in Calgary were built by his hand. He says it was a “natural progression” to go from doing all the work himself to being a general contractor.

Clear Builders is proud to “give ‘middle’ to high-end finishes,” Jason says. Secondary suites are often occupied by low-income families and are in a low-grade building with very basic finishes. Clear Builders’ portfolio includes stone, ceramic tile, feature walls, and beautifully finished kitchens without the high price tag.

“I’m trying to push it so that people who can’t afford the high-end finishes are able to walk into their suite and have it feel like it’s brand new,” says Jason.

Jason adds that the biggest thing for him is “there has to be a way for you to make a living while making a difference for other people.”

“Especially with secondary suites,” he says. “People who rent shouldn’t be made to feel like second-class citizens. They should be able to walk in and feel as good about their place as anything else.”

Going forward, Season says they want to continue to grow the number of renovated and new secondary suites in Calgary. They’re particularly excited to make beautiful housing affordable for seniors and those living on a low-income.


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