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The Be Local Lip Balm by Lowen’s Skincare is a collaborative effort between a number of REAP businesses that are concerned with the plight of local pollinators: Lowen’s Skincare, SwizzleSticks SalonSpa, Highwood Crossing, and Juice Creative. The project is in support of  Apiaries and Bees for Communities (ABC) - a Calgary organization that inspires acts of pollinator stewardship through educational programs.

The balm is made with 80% local ingredients, sourcing organic canola oil from Highwood Crossing’s farm in High River and local beeswax from SwizzleSticks SalonSpa.

Chad Zelensky, owner of Lowen’s Skincare, wanted to use ingredients in his products that were closer to home. He came to SwizzleSticks SalonSpa in May of 2015, seeking to use the beeswax from the hives the salon owns through ABC.

“The lip balm is important on so many levels - with our ‘Be Local’ movement, and the fact that so much of the ingredients are directly from Calgary, which is really unheard of in beauty products.” - Tim Neis, VP at SwizzleSticks SalonSpa.

$1 from every sale of this honey-flavoured balm will go towards ABC’s Bumblebee Rescue initiative, which aims to dispel misconceptions about bees and encourage homeowners to become champions of bee conservation.

“When nests are at risk of being destroyed, ABC removes and relocates them to safe locations where they can finish their life cycle. Through increased awareness, preservation of nests and the development of supportive habitats, urban areas can become a safe haven for bumble bees and other native pollinators." -Stacey Cedergren, Gatekeeper at Apiaries and Bees for Communities.

Be Local Lip Balm is available at the following retailers in the REAP network: