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Who We Are | Board of Directors


Jill Andres, Board Chair
Jill is a coach and facilitator with a focus on social innovation. Jill is the Director of Mount Royal University’s Trico Changemakers Studio – a dynamic community of students, social entrepreneurs, activists, artists and leaders from across sectors who make a difference for people and the planet. For over a decade, Jill and her team at Creating Value Inc, her social purpose consultancy, supported changemakers to amplify social and environmental impact through systems change, organizational strategy, and social enterprise. Jill continues to support changemakers through her coaching practice.

James Boettcher, Vice Chair 
A man of passion and enthusiasm, James is someone who will always make you leave a little brighter than when you arrived. Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, James is continually driven to influence his community in ways that will add vibrancy & encourage collaboration. He is Captain of the Fiasco Gelato ship, Creator of YYCFoodTrucks, and a committed ambassador for doing good in your hood through United Way.

Lisa Costello, Treasurer
Lisa has always been passionate about health and wellness and environmental sustainability. It was this passion that attracted her to Neal’s Yard Remedies, a UK based manufacturer and retailer of natural and organic health and beauty products. Lisa considers it extremely important that we think about the impact we are making on the earth and hopes that elevating awareness about the quality of natural and organic products will change our purchasing decisions in favour of more sustainable products.

Rob Sinclair 
Rob Sinclair is the founder of Conscious Brands, and strongly believes in “how you do anything is how you do everything.” Rob’s passion for business has found him in the pioneering phase of many new and exciting industries, including self-producing a travelling, vegan cooking webseries, and becoming president and owner of an organic food manufacturing company called Friendly Foods. He now uses that experience to help businesses grow and thrive by showing them the inherent value of taking their economic, human and natural capital into account, and working with all of those resources.

Bill Smith 
Bill Smith has advised dozens of growing businesses and their owners on strategy and implementation. As well, he has always been involved in not for profit organizations, including as a founding director of REAP. Bill is thankful to REAP for providing a stimulating environment for him to explore new paths while helping local, sustainable businesses achieve their objectives.

Louisa Ferrel 
Louisa Ferrel is the co-owner of True Buch, a Calgary-based kombucha company. Having lived the corporate life for over a decade, and gained many valuable life skills, Louisa is now working to build a socially responsible company and learning so much more along the way. Louisa is a strong believer in collaborating with other like-minded local businesses and is a passionate advocate for the Sunnyside community.

Lara Murphy 
Lara Murphy is co-owner of Ryan Murphy Construction Inc. This proud Inglewood resident has been supporting local as a consumer and promoting fellow Calgary entrepreneurs through collaborative projects in business and participating in community discussion groups and volunteer events. Lara has great appreciation for local Inglewood Wildlands where she frequents the pathways along the Bow River as a runner and skier. In return, resident bees, worms and birds support her yard for the collection of flowers and herbs that provide her some relaxing leisure time at home.

Stephanie Jackman,
Founder & President
REAP was started by Stephanie Jackman in 2006. A marketer by trade, Stephanie had a deep desire to tell the stories of Calgary's most progressive organizations in order to create demand for better ways of doing business. "By sharing these stories with other businesses, REAP illuminates the way forward, making the journey toward sustainability easier and faster", says Stephanie. She firmly believes that when we vote with our dollars for the kind of world we want, we can alter the status quo.