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Stephanie Jackman,
Founder & President
REAP was started by Stephanie Jackman in 2006. A marketer by trade, Stephanie had a deep desire to tell the stories of Calgary's most progressive organizations in order to create demand for better ways of doing business. "By sharing these stories with other businesses, REAP illuminates the way forward, making the journey toward sustainability easier and faster", says Stephanie. She firmly believes that when we vote with our dollars for the kind of world we want, we can alter the status quo.

Centaine Tyler,
Be Local Awards & Enrolment Coordinator

Centaine has been part of the REAP team since August of 2014, when she began writing for REAP's Be Local Awards. Having just graduated from the Journalism program at SAIT, the job was a marriage of Centaine’s passion for writing and interest in locally-owned businesses in Calgary. She believes that every person has a story, and that the phenomenal work of REAP businesses should be brought to the forefront. Centaine took over as Be Local Awards and Enrolment Coordinator in 2016.

Fiona Simpson-Kane,
Administration & Events Coordinator

Fiona discovered REAP in 2014 through a mutual contact at the Calgary Herald. Stephanie was looking for someone to help with administration and the two hit it off right away. Fiona joined REAP one month later. Fiona’s past work includes the Calgary Herald and Alpine Canada where she has had the opportunity to be involved in many interesting experiences. Fiona loves the network of locally-minded businesses, and marvels at how kind, friendly and dedicated everyone she meets through REAP is.

Joannie Kwok,
Sustainability for Breakfast Coordinator
Joannie first got involved with REAP in 2012 as a volunteer, wanting to get involved with an organization that supported sustainable and environmental initiatives, and allowed her the opportunity to learn about innovative and progressive initiatives that were evolving in the city. She absolutely loves the community that REAP has built. As the coordinator for S4B, she’s inspired every month by the amazing work that is happening around the city.

Danielle Wiess
Volunteer Coordinator
Danielle has been engaged with REAP since 2013, attending events and frequenting their associated business. Supporting local business and sustainablty initiatives is important to her. In 2016, she joined the team as Volunteer Coordinator, helping to execute the same events that have founded her passion in Calgary's local sustainability community.