The Awards


The Be Local Awards are a fun way to share your love for local business!

From June 19-August 30, 2019, REAP members applied for any of six Leadership Award categories, recognizing excellence in environmental and social sustainability. Then, from September 16-October 25, 2019, the folks at home voted for which nominees they thought were most deserving of each award. The public voting accounted for a 10% weighting on the judges' decision.

 Join us as we recognize outstanding leadership in the following categories:

  • Encompassing Energy Leader: Presented by Bullfrog Power to the REAP business with the most comprehensive energy conservation program. 
    • 2019 winner: Parallel Property Solutions for its unique approach to mitigating carbon emissions through digital showings of rental properties and proactive facilities management.
  • Community Economy Leader: Presented by Thrive to a REAP member that is building a thriving, resilient and inclusive economy for all. 
    • 2019 winner: True Buch Kombucha for its commitment to supporting community initiatives, localizing its supply chain, and empowering female entrepreneurs through the True Incubator program.
  • Empowering Employees Leader: Presented by Vibrant Communities Calgary to a REAP member that is effecting meaningful and sustainable progress towards reducing poverty through employee-centered practices that build resilience.
    • 2019 winner: Dogma Training & Pet Services for its commitment to providing a well-rounded work environment for its staff, from education incentives to financial support.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Leader: Presented by Universal Access and Prospect Human Services to a REAP member that values the perspectives and contributions of all people and incorporate diverse needs, assets and insight into the design and implementation of universal and inclusive programs.
    • 2019 winner: SPUD for its holistic approach to inclusion of employees with disabilities, providing them a platform to teach the rest of the team about their world and language.
  • Communications Leader: Presented by GOOD Company Graphic Design to a REAP member that has demonstrated the most effective use of design to communicate impact and/or encourage engagement.
    • 2019 winner: Goodpin for its innovative online platform to revolutionize corporate giving.
  • B Corp Leader: Presented by Chandos Construction to a B-Corp certified REAP member that exemplifies the values of the B-Corp certification.
    • 2019 winner: Mortgage360 for its commitment to supporting local initiatives through mortgages and broker fees.