An elevated plant-based restaurant focusing on ethical, local, creative food and libations
Member Since 2020
Employees 14
Locations 1
Local Suppliers 85%
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211A 12th ave SW
Calgary, Alberta T2R 0G9
(403) 264-5416

COVID-19 UPDATE:  The Allium has developed a collaboration with YYC Growers, and are now producing a packaged food line (for sale on the Be Local site).  The Allium is also working towards a collaboration with Blush Lane Organics. Most recently, The Allium completed the first of what they hope will be many amazing community collaborative digital cooking events!

The Allium is rooted in principles of radical humanism and co-empowerment, connected to substantive liberty and community socio-economic development. As a non-capitalist worker owned business, working-class members are proportionately rewarded for their efforts. Collective ownership over profits means the more you work the more you earn (and the less you work the less you earn).

Plant-based means The Allium cares for the planet and all life (human and animal). The restaurant does not exchange with giant corporate producers and sources locally as much as is possible, creating a more vibrant local economy with enhanced social capital networks and meaningful community connections.

The Allium aims to demonstrate an alternative form of work and economy, one where liberty and equality coexist to create more capable and empowered people, and more robust societies. The restaurant recognizes the current existence of deep structural economic issues, and rather than critique, The Allium seeks to create viable solutions outside of a linear economy and zero-sum formats, embracing and advocating diffused mutual aid. The Allium has no investors and no bosses. The Allium designed, built and now operates the business independently, free from the restraints of conventional financing and usury debt forms that work to enervate rather than energize our communities. The restaurant recognizes financial, but also intellectual and social capital as equally integral to the business realm.

The Allium's collective members are at the heart of our business, but so are the various community members and collaborators the restaurant interacts with daily. The Allium believes that they are capable of designing better structures today, that a better world for all is possible, and the restaurant hopes to demonstrate that, in-part, through their casual-fine dining, elevated plant-based restaurant.