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Holistic Living Empowerment Mentor & a Clinical Herbalist.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Kristy sees clients online and in-person, when appropriate. She follows the Federal, Provincial & City COVID-19 protocols. Her products can be shipped or picked up when scheduled in advance.

Kristy empowers professionals to heal naturally and live holistically without sacrificing luxury! She KNOWS this approach works because she is living proof as nature and the health of this planet has been a subject close to her heart her entire life. Yet, it wasn't until she developed a serious health condition in her 20s that she linked her passion for the environment to her health. This realization changed the course of her life.

During that time, she was focused on science and making her way in the world. She went to A LOT of doctors and was eventually diagnosed, but needed more....attention, care, and information. She started to delve deeper into the natural health arena, but worried that she needed to give up life’s luxuries. She didn’t fit in either camp - not a yuppy, not a hippy! It wasn't until she became passionate about herbal medicine that she realized her fear was unfounded. It was entirely possible to live a luxurious lifestyle, using high quality natural products that improved her health and the benefited the planet too!

It was Kristy's passion for nature led her into the complex studies of the internal environment to give her a unique perspective on health and life. By combining holistic and scientific approaches to healing, she got to have health and luxury - and you can too! Being in the corporate world for nearly two decades, Kristy appreciates the physical and emotional pressures of a career path. That is why she created her Empowered Holistic Living Program. The Program is designed to address YOUR specific health and lifestyle desires. Because like Kristy, you likely need more...