Artpourings Studio

Offering drop-in art/maker classes for children of all ages
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New Horizon mall, Balzac
Calgary, Alberta T4A 0X8
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Artpourings Studio is operating under provincial guidelines for masking, reduced capacity to 1/3 and careful sanitizing.

Artpourings Studio provides a unique experience for children to develop creativity, problem-solving and construction skills. The unstructured studio experience challenges artists to create using recycled materials in a new way. The Artpourings Studio staff are there to guide and mentor as the artist leads.

Creative opportunities include construction, jewellery-making, sewing, drawing, painting, design and digital art. In a world where innovation is necessary, children need opportunities like this to develop their skills. They won’t emerge from the studio with a piece of artwork led by an instructor, they will emerge with new thinking and confidence in their ability to solve problems.