Bear Bait Honey

Family of beekeepers who sell raw, pure honey sourced from hives in the foothills south of Calgary.
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27 Harley Rd SW
Calgary, Alberta T2V 3K4

COVID-19 UPDATE: Offering home delivery at no extra cost in Calgary and surrounding area.

Bees are an important part of the environment; critical to plant pollination. Yet, their survival is threatened by disease, pesticides, parasites, and climate change. The beekeepers who look after these amazing insects rely mainly on honey sales to support their farming operations and buying honey is something we can all do to sustain bee populations and maintain the overall health of our agriculture industry.

Bear Bait Honey’s mission is to create awareness of bees and honey by selling pure honey and providing information about bees for their customers. They enjoy selling honey directly to their neighbours and through outlets that support local producers.

They are the Van Reekums: a family of four who together look after hives, extract and jar honey, and handle all other business details from marketing to distribution. It's a sticky business but honey is water soluble, easy to clean and delicious. Bear Bait Honey inspects every jar before selling it to make sure that only pure, raw, quality honey reaches their customers.