Bessie helps natural farms reach local eaters, without markup and at scale.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Bessie drivers do contactless deliveries.

This is what is important to Bessie: Supporting Strong Farms Farms are the backbone of our province. With every purchase, you put more money in the hands of small producers so they can continue doing what they do best: grow natural food. Support Healthy Families You are feeding your family the best Alberta has to offer. They work with local producers who are committed to raising animals the right way: no added hormones, raised without antibiotics, and open pastures. Created Connected Communities With every meal you cook and a new cut of meat you try, you are getting to know farmers, fishermen, and other members of the Bessie Family. This is why Bessie is special: It's Personal.

A real person is behind every interaction you have with Bessie. Need recipe suggestions? Bessie team members will recommend one that we’ve actually tried. Unsure about your delivery date? Last minute changes? We are just one text message away and here to help. We're In This Together. You are the most important partner in changing our food for the better. Every purchase, piece of feedback, and plated meal that you share makes it possible for a local farmer to invest back into growing natural grass, raising healthier animals, and creating a better world. Never Dull. Your food should never get stale and boring. Work, family, and life is filled with excitement. Your food should be too. Bessie is reliably great every time—and we’re always finding ways to spice up your order with surprises. Bessie focuses on the food on the table so you can enjoy the people around it.