Canadiana Music is invested in kickstarting the local artist community and injecting funding and support into the industry
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Canadiana Music has pivoted in these times in order to maintain operations through the COVID-19 Pandemic. They are offering Live Streaming Services, and hosting all events under the REP umbrella.

Canadiana Music strives to support the community and help kickstart local musicians' careers, allowing them a stepping stone to the larger players in the industry. Musicians are frequently held back because of funding and support, and Canadiana Music is trying to close that gap. They make high end recordings accessible to incubator participants. In addition, Canadiana Music provides mentorship, coaching, and live showcase opportunities for aspiring musicians and artists.

The founders of Canadiana Music are bringing their combined expertise and experience to the program in order to pay It forward to the next generation of artists. They are utilizing their substantial network of professional players to support and showcase local artists. Furthermore, they are using their skills to host live events to audition for the program, as well as showcase program participants.

Canadiana Music is passionate about all things sound and music, and are passionate about allowing the next generation of artists to have an opportunity to tell their stories around Canada, North America and the World. They are cultivating a community of support, and alumni legacy that will continue far into the future.