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COVID-19 UPDATE: Individual coaching and group programs are currently being delivered online through Zoom and the heart life app

When people face individual and collective challenges, they look for relief. Compassion is a process of noticing and actively responding to suffering, both for self and others. While this is a natural human response, there are many reasons why and instances where people don’t notice or respond. Compassion training helps participants build awareness and the ability to take action without feeling overwhelmed. This supports personal resilience and a culture of compassion that contributes to wellbeing on a bigger scale. A personalized approach to individual coaching and group training means every program is designed to meet the specific needs and context where it is delivered. Looking for a keynote for your lunch and learn? Check. Want to encourage your team with a day of professional development? Check. Need accountability for cultivating more compassion for yourself? Check. (Almost) anything is possible. Participants will be inspired, gain insight, and add transformative tools to their toolkit.

Calgary-based compassion researcher and teacher, Daranne Harris, is the catalyst behind Catalyzing Compassion. Through her Ph.D. research at UCalgary and training through the Compassion Institute and Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, Daranne pairs a solid background in the science of compassion with heart perspectives arising from 20+ years of experience in healthcare leadership, spiritual care, and humanitarian development.