Caydence Photography uses beautiful storytelling to enable small businesses in Calgary to connect with the community
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Caydence Photography adheres to the Covid-19 protocols set out by the city and province to keep clients safe. This involves wearing a mask to each job, sanitizing equipment and hands before and after entering a location or coming into contact with clients, maintaining 2 meters of distance from others and performing a symptom check before beginning work each day. 

Lisa Amos is the owner and photographer for Caydence Photography, but only a small piece in the larger picture of supporting and collaborating with local businesses to help them grow into their potential. For Lisa, her clients are her team and the people behind the business that makes it all possible. Lisa believes that photography should be an experience, a collaboration that begins before the shoot and continues a relationship beyond the delivery of photos.

She endeavours to support the local community with her photography, to build relationships and help individuals and businesses connect with one another. She collaborates with clients, getting to know them and builds a relationship that goes beyond the product. They discuss what the client cares about in their business and marketing, and how this can be communicated in the images. The images are then personalized and tailored to how the client wants to be represented with a professional eye to detail and overall story components.

Caydence Photography goes beyond expectations to promote these businesses outside of the photography session and connects them with other businesses in the community. Lisa aims to tell a unique story with her photography, one which grows from a shared vision of the business and marketing and doesn't just end with the delivery of images. While her goal is to offer businesses an opportunity to grow and share their story, Lisa also provides beautiful, professional photographs for her clients that are high quality and captures the viewer's attention.