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Distributing small-scale farm product to local restaurants and grocers.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Chef’s Farmer has built a salad box that's available for weekly pick-up from their urban farm headquarters in Capitol Hill starting June 4 through July 23. It includes everything you need to make a delicious salad with fresh ingredients grown locally in Calgary yards and from their partner farms close by. Salad boxes will be offered on a donation platform so customers with available income can donate money so that citizens in the community who have lost their jobs can purchase the salad box at a reduced rate. Chef’s Farmer is also offering the option to volunteer on the farm in exchange for food.

Chef’s Farmer strengthens the local food supply and exposes citizens to the wonderful work of local farmers. The business focuses on producers who build healthy soil, which in turn, creates flavourful and nutritious food.

By connecting restaurants to local farmers, Chef’s Farmer increases exposure of local farm movements. In addition, Chef’s Farmer helps build resiliency by decreasing the volume of imported foods. Businesses who use Chef’s Farmer products can showcase the greatness of their local cuisine and, with integrity, show how they support local food and producers.