Cinim is an integrative health & research institute that creates wellness programs for more resilient communities.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Challenges and uncertainties lie ahead to be overcome individually, within families and as a community. Anxiety and loneliness affect people deeply. Reach out to someone who may need compassion. It is important that those in need have reassurance and support with their mental health. The Cinim team will continue to develop and deliver wellbeing programs that encourage perseverance and hope, love and connection

Cinim’s evidence-based, e-mental health programs provide resources to help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Significant barriers to people receiving quality, effective mental health care include: cost, lack of awareness of safe & effective tools, stigma, and long wait times for therapy. Cinim’s digital, 24/7 accessible, health programs directly address these obstacles. Cinim's focus on mental health through proactive intervention means that their programs will have a positive impact on individuals, families and entire communities.

Mental wellness is a cornerstone of overall health and wellbeing. Mentally well people are able to cope with the inevitable stress and strain of daily life and have the resilience to rebound from challenging events such as trauma, tragedy, threats or other significant sources of stress. Cinim provides resources to effectively manage the negative stressors of life, encourage recovery, and help those living with stress to achieve their full potential.

Cinim is the longest surviving integrative health institute in Canada dedicated solely to integrative wellness. Local staff and consultants are passionate about the programs produced and making a positive social impact in communities. Studies show that brighter futures are possible through self-awareness and personal growth - core elements of Cinim’s programs - resulting in enriched relationships and healthy, positive interactions with the community.