CJB Coaching helps teens and young adults overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs thus unlocking their greatest potential.
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COVID19 UPDATE: CJB Coaching's programs are currently offered online through Zoom

Teens lead confusing and complicated lives. With all of the pressure they face from relationships, school, work, sports, social media, and the media, it is understandable that they can be faced with issues such as anxiety, lack of confidence, and a poor self image. This can lead to feelings that they aren't worthy and that they don't have the ability or potential to be successful or better than they are now.

But, teens don't lack potential, they are full of it! The issue is that they are blocking their own potential. This is because they have developed limiting beliefs which tell them that can't be better than how they are now, so why try? CJB Coaching empowers teens and young adults to overcome these limiting beliefs and unlock their true potential.

This isn't a "cookie cutter" program. Everyone is unique, which is why every teen is given a custom program which is tailored to their unique needs and goals. Through this program, teens find structure, work ethic and drive that builds successful aspirations with their career, school, sports, and social environments.

Chris Burchnall is the owner on CJB Coaching. With his experience as a youth sports coach and trainer, he has helped teens to excel both on and off the field, and to achieve their goals physically, mentally, and emotionally.