CJSW is Calgary's "hand-crafted" alternative radio station, based out of the U of C.
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Room 312 MacEwan Student Centre, 2500 University Drive
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4
(403) 220-3991

COVID-19 UPDATE: CJSW broadcasts over 110 music, spoken word and multicultural programs in more than 10 languages on 90.9 FM, online at cjsw.com, and podcasted on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. Visit cjsw.com to browse CJSW's programming.

CJSW Radio has a long and colourful history, going on air before the University of Calgary even existed. The station started as SAIT’s radio club and evolved to the University of Calgary’s campus station that broadcast only on campus inside the MacEwan Student Centre and as far away as the campus residence buildings. Now, CJSW broadcast far and wide with a strong 18,000 watt FM signal, and online podcasting of all of our programs.

CJSW Radio takes pride in its mandate to bring diverse and passionate voices from throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas to discuss topics that may not receive mainstream exposure elsewhere. Hosts tell stories that you won’t hear anywhere else and work to strengthen relationships among the arts, business, intellectual, and cultural communities and the audiences they are looking to reach. CJSW's mission is to increase the profile of local, Canadian, and independent artists, groups and organizations. Hosts do this is by playing their music, telling their stories, hosting them on their programs, and promoting their causes and events. CJSW hosts play a vast array of genres from rock, blues, folk, jazz, experimental, metal, hip-hop, soul, electronic, classical, and world music.