Claudia's Choices

Claudia's Choices specializes in envirosponsible, eco-friendly laundry products, household products & cloth diapering.
Member Since 2008
Employees 2
Locations 1
Local Suppliers 65%
Contact Us
P.O. Box 120 -- #315 - 5155 130 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2Z 0N3
(403) 613-2274
Environmental Initiatives
  • Recycling
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Water efficiency
  • Green cleaning products
  • Staff commuting
  • Home office
Commitment to Employees
  • Flexible hours
  • Ability to bring child to workplace


CO2 Emissions Saved (kg)
Waste Diverted (kg)
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Claudia's Choices is an online ecostore and cloth diaper boutique, specializing in eco-friendly household products and cloth diaper accessories as an alternative to commercial laundry and cleaning products.

Claudia's Choices promotes the use of cloth diapers over disposable, and provides customers with the necessary products to wash cloth diapers at home. Since cloth diapers that are home washable and reusable are eligible for the EcoLogo, Environment Canada has recognized them as a superior choice to disposable diapers. Claudia’s Choices Ultra Phosphate Free Laundry Powder is a Canadian-made product made of 98% natural ingredients.

Practicing what it preaches, the company is nearly zero-waste. It currently employs a bucket re-use program in effect with all of its retailers. Customers bring back their empty bucket for $2 off their next purchase. The buckets are then returned to Claudia's Choices for re-filling. It also uses recyclable packaging, and it makes use of the packaging and pallets from shipments by sending the boxes and pallets to other companies for continued usage, while the plastic bags are re-used as garbage bags.