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COVID-19 UPDATE: Cloverly Candles offers North American wide shipping and curbside pick up locally in Calgary and area. The work space is regularly cleaned and sanitized to ensure safety to each of their products.

Cloverly Candles is a small family based home business in Calgary, Alberta. What started off as a hobby has evolved into a business today. Cloverly Candles experiments with many different natural waxes and oils that are locally sourced to ensure that each product they sell is safe and environmentally friendly.

What inspires their products is a passion of research and experimenting with different scents and wax creations. You'll notice that their unique candles and other products are also uniquely scented and originated around holidays, seasons, and places the owner has visited and dreamed about.

Cloverly Candles makes it its mission to continually discover and create uniquely scented candles that are safe for everyone to enjoy at home. They wish that each scent you smell can take you away to a comforting part or unique memory in your life. Cloverly Candles ensures that each of their products are made with natural ingredients that are plant based and of high quality fragrances and oils which are known to be free from toxins such as phthalate and paraben in all their candles. They strive to also ensure that the raw materials used in making their products are environmentally friendly.

Cloverly Candles hopes for each customer to enjoy the uniquely scented candles and other products bring joy as much as they enjoy making them. Cloverly Candles guarantees that each scent and flavour in their products are enjoyed throughout the life of their products.