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Sharing the beauty of Indigenous art and wisdom to help people connect with Indigenous culture.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: In store sales have been heavily impacted due to closures. Online sales available. Colouring it Forward has developed a freebie of colouring images and activities that have been distributed to try and help people to destress.

Colouring it Forward produces authentic indigenous books, journals and other products which showcase the beautiful artwork and wisdom of indigenous peoples while giving back to the community. It is a way to help people reconnect with their roots, participate in reconciliation, and build a brighter future together.

Colouring it Forward helps people learn about and teach in turn Indigenous culture and spirituality which will help them and their children to dispel stereotypes, improve understanding and appreciation for Indigenous peoples and significantly contribute towards reconciliation and reducing inequalities for Indigenous peoples. Colouring it Forward makes donations to Indigenous projects working on education, healing, and nutrition. They also foster collaboration and innovation among the artists and elders they work with, to continuously improve their businesses and social enterprises together.

The people behind the business without whom Colouring it Forward would not exist are the elders and artists. Without their collaboration, Diana (the founder) could not make the books and other products. Their bios can be found on the website.