Connect Up With Downs Inc.

Helping young adults with Down syndrome develop confidence and grow friendships though social learning.
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75, 805 - 5 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0N6

COVID-19 UPDATE: Pivoted to introduce virtual learning classes through Zoom. IXL, an online learning program, was purchased and provided to Members to create their own account and practice academics on their own time after class. The structure and lessons are going over so well that Connect Up With Downs plans to incorporate the virtual lesson plan into their every day once everyone is back at Connect.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT DURING COVID-19: As a way to show their support and gratitude, Connect Up With Downs donated April membership fees to a local 3D artist who has been printing, and delivering first responder ear PPE. This light 3D printed device is comfortably worn at the back of the head and holds the ear strings from a face mask making the user more comfortable when wearing a mask for a prolonged period of time.

Family is their WHY. Connect Up With Downs was hand crafted and brought to life by their family to provide the very best for your family. Their mission helps others to be their very best.

Connect Up With Downs is embracing the Calgary Down syndrome community in a new way. They provide a solution to how young people stay physically and emotionally connected bridging the gap between high school and adulthood. Connect Up With Downs is unique in their field and offers a superior quality of service in helping their Members learn to set, reach and surpass their goals.