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COVID-19 UPDATES: Constellation Consulting Group continues to operate during the COVID-19 epidemic, facilitating meetings and trainings online rather than in person at this time.

Constellation Consulting Group believes that community capacity and social impact can be enhanced through quality research. Research and program design work advanced by the Group seeks to build on the wisdom and experiences of others to deepen understanding of community need and proven and innovative practices.

Constellation Consulting Group believes it is important to provide person-centered, practical, and utilization-focused evaluation. Evaluation and SROI Analysis conducted through the Group uses a combination of qualitative, quantitative and participatory approaches to best capture the social impact that initiatives create.

Constellation Consulting Group believes that sharing our experience and expertise is the best way to support vibrant communities. All of the work conducted by Constellation Consulting involves elements of capacity building, but the Group also provide a variety of training opportunities for organizations to build internal capacity.