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COVID-19 UPDATE: CUT Cooking continually updates their extensive recipe index to inspire everyone from the rookie to the head chef. Their flour is available directly from them or many other local retailers. They are also excited to partner with other food makers and restaurants from behind their camera lens to accentuate other local businesses during these difficult times. Head to their website for further information.

CUT Cooking is the story of two local YYC families, the bond of friendship alongside busy schedules and the desire to fuel families with delicious, incredible looking meal options - that just happen to be gluten-free. Co-founded by Stacey Hilscher and Meg Kibyuk, CUT Cooking is more than colorful printed recipes alongside incredible photographs of delicious food. Their story is larger than the manufacturing of an All Purpose Flour which is the basis of many amazing gluten-free foods.

CUT Cooking was established to empower individuals and commercial business' to prepare delicious gluten-free meals in their own kitchens using readily accessible ingredients. Their recipes are tailored to gluten-free diets, but are not limited to those who are gluten-free. The food from CUT is so incredible they promise everyone in your family will enjoy. From behind the camera lens, CUT Cooking also recognizes the power of beautiful, impactful imagery. They not only specialize in recipe development, but also excel in food photography, food styling and product marketing images. Using crisp, stunning photography, CUT Cooking has the ability to elevate your brand's visual appeal through creating digital content, commercial branding, marketing material and culinary lifestyle.