A pushcart and ghost kitchen specializing in craft made ice cream sandwiches, inviting a moment to remember what's D'served
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COVID-19 UPDATE: D'served has unique hours of operation as they are a ghost kitchen operation. Pre-orders are required and a time for pick up must be booked. Delivery options are available.

Standing strong in practices that value mindful efforts D'served confidently serves their guests the best ice cream sandwich ever - and not just because it tastes good. Making sure to take time each day to slow down then working that belief into their product and business model, their ice cream sandwiches encourage people to take a step back and remember what it is they really D'serve.

Taking steps to support the greater community and economy, they source ingredients from across prairies, collaborate with other local businesses to create their product, and designed their one of-a-kind mobile pushcart with a green conscious. Using an electric tricycle to pull their pushcart and solar energy to power their freezer on the cart keeps their cycle practice in tune with the environment and their low-waste production practices transform any would-be food waste into thoughtful products like popsicles for pooches.

Their elevated ice cream sandwich is complimented by their pushcart that serves guests through the summertime allowing them to connect with people on pathways and near parks in the great, urban outdoors. Over winter they keep the community they've built fed by accepting orders through their online shop, operating as a ghost kitchen with food delivery services and through partnering with other local businesses and restaurants.