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Eclipse Sustainability Projects focus on regenerative design, meaning they work across clean technologies to ensure that they create a system that works optimally for your needs, using the technology best suited to the job. Their team’s experience and expertise, combined with partnerships across Canada, allow them to meet the challenges of any sustainability project. They work with you to come up with the very best solutions for your challenges! continually source the latest technologies and utilize the highest quality products and materials available in the cleantech sector. Eclipse Sustainability Projects policy is to build it right the first time – don’t cut corners, and endeavour to keep maintenance to a minimum. You can learn more about their brands and components, or buy direct from them, in Shop.

Eclipse Sustainability Projects approach each project through a lens of uncovering the most suitable design, meaning the design that realizes the greatest energy reductions for the lowest cost. They are also experts in grants and funding that may apply to your project, and provide you with the info you need to access appropriate options. At Eclipse they champion Energy Literacy as an essential first step for any cleantech project. They believe this knowledge empowers you to make small changes that have big impacts. From this foundation, they work with you to assess, design, build and monitor your sustainable system, always in a collaborative and transparent manner. CEO Dustin Poole, Director Of Marketing Ryan Barkwell, Director Of Sales Jade Krogh