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A Food Truck that looks to Do Good in the community
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Shifted efforts towards being of service. Collaborated with others to donate food supplies and resources to over 120 men and women. Eleven Eleven Food Truck was able to do grocery shopping for those in need (quarantined), and elderly folks. They continue to help where they can and do food donation runs once a week.

A Social Enterprise that supports men and women in recovery and working towards generating a profit that can go back into supporting treatment programming at Fresh Start Recovery Centre.

A Food Truck that is built on being responsible, engaging the community, and collaborating with partners to produce a quality Food Truck Dining Experience and positively impact the lives of people in recovery.

Eleven Eleven Food Truck does recovery better than anyone else. Defined by living and operating responsibly, in the community and in a healthy physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional manner.