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COVID-19 UPDATE: EMCO provides support to people and businesses in Alberta that are looking for much needed financial relief via discounted low-cost electricity and natural gas, without needing to put down a deposit to access those rates as you normally would with a mainstream provider. This allows people to lower their energy costs during the pandemic and remove the financial stress of a deposit on top of that.

EMCO Energy is an initiative of the Generating Opportunities (GO) Technology Foundation, a Calgary based non-profit organization built on a social enterprise model. As a community-owned group of profitable, high-tech initiatives, GO aims to create opportunities to anticipate and integrate future technologies. As a self-funded organization, GO Tech Foundation enables innovation and reinvests the interest to create positive social, environmental, and economic change.

EMCO (Empowering Communities) is GO’s first revenue-generating initiative, and provides competitive rates for electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, and internet services for residential, rural, and commercial consumers in Alberta. This initiative is a social enterprise that provides the main source of funding for GO allowing it to be an independent and regenerative organization. As the only non-profit energy retailer in Calgary, EMCO utilizes local capital to be reinvested into the community. This revenue is used to increase GO’s organizational capacity, develop renewable energy projects, and provide the research required to help more communities. EMCO plans to commercialize new technologies, re-purpose abandoned oil wells, utilize new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices, and develop education programs to advance the existing workforce towards future technology industries. By signing up to EMCO, you are reinvesting the value of their local energy resources and helping to create opportunities in the community!