Envy Eco-focussed Environments

Building inner city Calgary homes that integrate renewable energy technologies and sustainable materials.
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Envy Eco-focussed Environments strives to be "pragmatically green", recognizing that Inner City Calgary demands a balance of energy efficiency, architectural interest, practical space planning, and structural integrity.

The products Envy Eco-focussed Environments works with constantly evolve. While the basic principles remain the same, Envy Eco-focussed Environments is always learning from its experiences and integrating that knowledge into the next version. New advances in sustainable design, mechanical technologies and innovative new materials are adopted as Envy Eco-focussed Environments is assured of their long term durability. 

As such, each subsequent home is more durable than the last. The environment is a key driver in almost all of the decision-making.

Envy Eco-focussed Environments homes typically include: sustainably harvested bamboo, FSC-certified lumber, no-added-urea formaldehyde MDF, no or low VOC paints and finishes, highest efficiency appliances, integrated solar (heat & electric), rainwater capture systems, and European Tilt and Turn Windows.

The end result is a beautiful, healthy and adaptable living space that will grow with you and your family, lessening the need to move frequently and the negative environmental and social impacts that come with our consumer culture.