Finch exists to help people take control of their financial story and ultimately meet your goals.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Finch Financial understands that the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 situation poses unique challenges for everyone and some Calgarians may have difficulty making their monthly payments. They are committed to helping you lead a healthier financial life. And while the current economic climate may make knowing what to do next difficult, they are here with you. No matter your age or stage in life, we should always be learning. Right now, your finances can feel like a test you’ve never prepared for; that’s where Finch Financial comes in. They walk alongside you, helping you navigate the journey and educating you along the way. They offer ethical financial resources to help every type of customer and are here to help you make the best decisions that are affecting your life. Whether it’s home, vehicle, or other types of financing, you're not alone.

Finch exists to help people take control of their financial story through educational and contextual tools that break the cycle of poverty. By providing visibility and insight into their financial story, along with tailored products and services intended to better their fiscal health, Finch Financial believes they can help Canadians breakthrough systemic barriers and give them hope on this lifelong journey. Many Calgary families cannot keep up with bills that impact' their participation economically, socially, and with dignity in their communities. 15% of us say that our spending outweighs our income and as much as 25% of us borrow money for essentials. Finch leaves more money in Albertans' pockets by reducing the cost of borrowing by at least 40%. Finch Financial provides financial services and looks to help all Canadians reduce their total cost of borrowing by restructuring loans and makes sure that they can be paid off without penalty. This, along with educational and contextual tools, helps people get out from under their unhealthy debt and take control of their financial future.