Fishburn Ranch

Family ranch specializing in raising high-quality grass-finished beef with professional regenerative grazing practices.
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28326 28-4 Pincher Creek
Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K 1W0

COVID-19 UPDATE: Began an online-store and offers free home delivery services. Orders are now available for pickup at a Calgary farmers market.

Fishburn Ranch uses a regenerative grazing plan with fences used to keep cattle in close herds to give the grass long rest periods between grazing’s, this mimics the ancient patterns of the elk and buffalo that had this country thriving before humans came along and got in the way. The ground breathed a big sigh of relief and started growing grass. Lots of it. Now they have a wide range of new species growing, many of which the seeds had just been waiting in the soil for the optimum growing conditions. Fishburn Ranch soil is alive! Bugs and worms are everywhere. Sometimes they think of themselves as bug ranchers, because if you have healthy bugs you have healthy soil, grass, cows, beef, people, relationships, families, communities.

Fishburn Ranch doesn't get the credit. The land and the cows were created this way. It is when we all step back and observe, that nature can reach it is potential. It is when we all stop trying to force production with chemicals and abusive management. Fishburn Ranch still messes it up too often but, they are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a big plan that works.