Focus Bubbles foster a welcoming & productive community through hosted virtual coworking and micro-networking sessions
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Focus Bubbles was born out of changes to the workplace during covid. This is a completely virtual business to support you to work safely from home, and still feel connected.

Focus Bubbles started as a series of impromptu virtual work sessions to help people who were struggling with their remote work situations in the early days of Covid. For many, working from home was unfamiliar territory. For others, the addition of children or spouses to their work-from-home routine made finding time to focus challenging. What has emerged is a welcoming, thoughtful community of familiar strangers who genuinely look forward to working ‘separately-together’ inside the Bubble. In the form of virtual co-working sessions, Focus Bubblers come together as often as two times per day to do their own work. Think of it like a virtual study hall for grown ups, but professionally facilitated and designed to support your productivity.

Dawn O’Connor and her team Focus Bubble hosts welcome you to try working in this new way which is based on the brain science of effective planning, intention setting and gentle accountability. Dawn has over 30 years of productivity training experience with approximately 10,000 clients. Hosting Focus Bubbles is the most gratifying job of her lengthy career helping people achieve their personal productivity best. Dawn says "every day I am curious and excited to learn what people are working on. To see the enthusiasm, wisdom and support members share with each other is a gift."