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COVID-19 UPDATE: Friendibles is offering home delivery in response to the public health advisory related to COVID-19. Home delivery is free for residents of the Calgary Area for the month of December 2020.

Cannabis and edibles are legal now. Friendibles is here to legitimize healthier forms of consumption, de-stigmatize it, and help you have a great time every time you want a fun, casual way to relax. Friendibles promotes the mentality that edibles can be a casual experience and should always enhance the time you spend with your friends or family, no different than a glass of wine or a refreshing beer. Thinking about edibles should only bring up positive memories, the great taste of fresh-baked cookies, the jokes shared preparing an infused lunch or the feeling of catching up with your best friends. Our central pillar is precise THC dosing and portioning, to always get exactly what you want in your infused foods and treats. Everyone can be Goldilocks when you make use of tools and recipes from Friendibles. All of their products and online content are designed so that you never have to settle for a nibble of an edible that is too strong. A core component of their business is to provide you with accurate and honest information for your exploration of legal cannabis. Friendibles is ideal for people looking to try edibles but wants to keep a handle on their trip.

Friendibles is driven by two native Calgarians, Ciprian and Evan. Ciprian is a geoscientist by training with 8 years of experience building computer simulations of the Earth and analyzing large data sets. Evan is an engineer with a Master's degree in materials science, researching and inventing advanced metals, ceramics and plastics for 8 years. They have joined forces to eliminate the stigma of edibles and the stereotype of cannabis users. No fear that they’re too intense and will ruin your day. No more bad stories, no more uncertainty and no second guesses.