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COVID-19 UPDATE: Unfortunately, Geeky candles is not offering curbside pickup due to the current situation. All orders will be delivered through Canada Post.

Geeky Candles helps connect with like-minded people, and ultimately empower nerds to keep geeking out over what they love. Safaa, the owner, aims to create products that serve a purpose, engage the senses, but most importantly inspire geeks of all kinds to be their authentic selves. Geeky candles cares about the environment. All the candles are hand poured in recyclable & reusable glass containers, using all natural coconut soy wax, 100% cotton wicks, and phtalate-free fragrances. They are safe and will burn cleanly for hours of enjoyment, without any soot or smoke. All products are packaged sustainably and ship directly from our studio in Calgary, Alberta.