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Pleasure for the People! Micro-batch craft chocolate, made from ethically sourced cocoa beans.
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Goldie Craft Chocolate believes that as conscious consumers, we do not need to compromise our ethics, in order to experience the pleasure of good chocolate! What chocolate provides is truly unique - a memory, a moment of celebration, a comforting solace. However, underneath all of this deliciousness, lies a history of chocolate farming and manufacturing that is uncertain and unethical for the majority of the worlds five million cacao farmers. Goldie Craft Chocolate aims to make great chocolate, but to do so by putting the change they wish to see worldwide, into practice.

Ethical sourcing through transparent trading ensures that no human is enslaved to grow the cacao that Goldie Craft Chocolate sources, but it doesn't stop at farmer well-being. This cacao is grown with the preservation of local flavour in mind. Each origin Goldie Craft Chocolate sources is committed to growing chocolate with care, fermenting and drying it properly, which yields a high quality premium bean. Proper growing, fermenting and drying practices are the initial building blocks of a fine flavour chocolate, and each origin will taste uniquely different. Goldie Craft Chocolate currently sources from a family owned farm in the Costa Sur region of Guatemala called Monte Grande. They also use beans from the western part of Uganda, in a place called Semuliki Forest. These beans are farmed by over 1000 smallholder farmers in the region, who deliver their fresh cacao to the network weekly, and are paid in cash at the time of sale. This offers consistent cash flow to the farmers instead of a large payout once or twice a year (which is common practice of industrial cacao purchasers)

Once Goldie Craft Chocolate has the cacao in their hands, they get to work roasting, grinding and turning the beans into chocolate bars. Because they are a very small operation of just one person, the process of making chocolate is still on a micro-batch level. Many of the machines used in their processing have been hand made or re-purposed from other kitchen uses. They use organic ingredients as much as possible, and hope to be using more local ingredients in their inclusions soon. When all is said and done, they wrap each bar in a compostable cellulose wrapper and a Canadian post-consumer waste recycled paper envelope. It takes about a week to go from bean to bar, but it is a labour of love that produces excellent quality chocolate with simple ingredients that they know you will love!