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With more than 20 years of experience in tourism development, the founders of Good to Great Tourism (GTGT) share a passion for harnessing the potential of tourism to improve lives, empower communities, enhance cultures and protect the environment. With the exponential growth of tourism over the past decades, attention has been increasingly focused on the needs and wants of tourists, often neglecting the impact on the quality of life and the environment in destinations and host communities. GTGT aims to put destinations and communities back in control. All stakeholders from grassroots to government level are part of the process to ensure outcomes that are truly sustainable: socially, environmentally and economically.

Each project or initiative is based on the specific needs of a particular community or destination rather than cookie-cutter strategies or solutions that are often ill-fitting. With a fully participatory approach and based on capacity-building, GTGT works hand in hand with their clients, as the goal is for the community, through their active participation, to take ownership of the projects and acquire the capacity to lead their own tourism development. By advising, supporting and coaching its clients, Good to Great Tourism shares and co-create tools and resources. The result: Tourism that generates greater benefits to residents and visitors alike, while protecting and enhancing these destinations.