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COVID-19 UPDATE: Great West Radon provides free 2 business day shipping within Calgary on all testing devices purchased. They are diligent about following COVID-19 protocols and provide clients with options that make them feel most comfortable. Clients can request in person quotes for mitigation services or fill out their online quote form to reduce visitors within their homes. They also provide clients with health questionnaires in advance of mitigation services to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Great West Radon's goal is centered around the health and safety of Calgarians within their homes. High levels of Radon gas within the home is the leading cause of lung cancer in non smokers in Canada. This devastating diagnosis can be prevented by testing your home and fixing the issue should it be present in your home. The risks of radon induced lung cancer are heightened for young children as their growing cells are more susceptible to the damage inflicted by Radon gas.

Great West Radon is the highest rated Radon testing and mitigation company in Calgary for a reason! They provide their clients with impeccable client service at all parts of your radon journey. They can help educate you and answer any questions you may have. They are able to suggest a testing product that works best for you and your family. If your Radon levels are higher than you are comfortable with for your family's health and wellness they can solve the problem for you and put your mind at ease!

Jordan and Dorothy Bewernick started Great West Radon together and originally the business started as a Home Inspections business. It has since transitioned into the specialization of just Radon testing and Mitigation services. Focusing on only this specific product and service allows them to be experts in this field combining the knowledge and expertise of thousands of mitigation services to ensure the best possible execution in your home.