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COVID-19 UPDATE: Their business opened on June 15th of this year just before the restrictions came off. They are available online as well as in several stores in Calgary and Okotoks. They offer free delivery on Thursdays to Calgary and the area. All Their contact information is on their website.

GroundUp Eco-Ventures works with businesses in the coffee and craft beer industries to upcycle their primary waste streams into high-value consumer products. They utilize green technologies to extract coffee oil from spent coffee grounds (SCG), which leaves them with a bi-product that is suitable to be marketed as coffee flour. Secondly, working with craft brewers, they dry, pasteurize and mill brewers spent grain (BSG) into flour. Their products are focused on sustainability and nutrition, good for you and good for the planet.

GroundUp is focused on locally sourced, locally produced, and local marketing of their products. They believe in collaboration and creating opportunities through those collaborations. GroundUp works with its partners to create unique marketing ideas to create greater recognition and prosperity for all involved. GroundUp is built on three principles, Sustainability, Environment, and Community, and that everything they do or everything they create has to impact each one of those principles.

Shawn and Candace have been working on GroundUp for three years and are finally bringing their dreams to fruition. Looking for new challenges Shawn and Candace discovered circular economies and the principle of upcycling. Utilizing knowledge from their previous careers and utilizing that know-how to make a positive impact on a growing environmental concern. They seek to make a positive impact both as a company and as individuals.