Taking your aches, pains and stress away by providing massage and spa services as house calls.
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By providing massage and spa services in your living room, Health Span makes it easy for you to perform at your best, without aches, pains, and stress. They have an amazing team of therapists who care deeply about client success and about each other. Although Health Span mostly hires single mothers and newer Canadians, they also demonstrate everyday knowledge, empathy, and commitment to the improvement of the lives of their clients.

Health Span is fairly priced for their clients, and when ever possible will direct bill insurance companies to limit your out of pocket expenses. They work 9:00am-9:00pm, seven days a week, so that it is easy to fit a massage into your day. More than any other company like theirs, Health Span focuses on the wellbeing of their clients and their team, working together to make everyday better.