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Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant
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WELL Inglewood 1526 9th avenue SE
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Heartfull Holistic Nutrition and Wellness is open for business! Paula has a physical clinic located in the beautiful heritage area of Inglewood. Paula is providing massage therapy appointments and holistic nutrition consultations at her clinic, as well as nutrition consults virtually, on line. Appropriate health and hygiene protocols, as laid out by the provincial government are being taken very seriously. Proper mask wearing and sanitization protocols have been implemented for everyone's safety. Paula can be reached through email, phone and text, all of which are available on her website. Paula has a referral program, encouraging clients to share the good news of healthy living with those they know and care about.

Heartfull Holistic Nutrition and Wellness is a Calgary based business providing individualized nutrition counselling as well as specific massage therapy treatments, addressing the areas of your health that need support and care. Paula has been working in the holistic health field for over 10 years, pursuing a multitude of educational opportunities in soft tissue manipulation, mind and body connections, culinary certifications, as well as diplomas in massage therapy and holistic nutrition. Paula is very compassionate and supportive, meeting her clients needs, wherever they are at on their health journey. Paula is also very passionate about educating her clients and community on healthy living and increasing longevity. Paula works with families, adults and children, treating physical aches and pains and specific physical anomalies and injuries, developing a treatment plan to improve their ability to move, reduce or manage pain, restore function, and prevent disability. She also helps families to navigate dietary obstacles and health weaknesses with individualized nutrition plans. Paula understands the dietary and physical challenges many families face, and will work with you to navigate your way through the many layers of information, narrowing and simplifying the information so it speaks to you. Paula is an individual female entrepreneur and local business owner who is thrilled and eager to support and serve the community of Inglewood and Calgary abroad. Heartfull Holistic Nutrition and Wellness is truly a well rounded holistic health care provider, caring for you, mind, body and soul.