Her Leather Co.

A Mum-run business utilizing salvaged and new leather to create beautiful hardwearing bags and accessories.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Elissa is a stay-at-home Mum and as such her children were no longer able to attend Kindergarten and Pre-school due to COVID-19. Looking after the kids full time meant that Elissa could not dedicate as much time and attention to her leather business. 

Her Leather Co is a local, handmade business run by Elissa, a wife and mum to two kids. You will find a large variety of leather items from hair accessories, jewellery, bags, purses to home decor.

Elissa is a self-taught leather maker who uses a combination of upcycled and new leather to create unique and beautiful items. The business was created three years ago and the company took more of a focus just over a year ago when she changed her business name to Her Leather Co.

Her pieces have clean lines, subtle colours and are minimalist in style with the aim that they will last a very long time.

Her Leather Co can be found in a number of stores such as Ninth and Brick in Inglewood, Reworks Upcycle Shop near Downtown and Collab YYC in Southcentre Mall and as always you can order through their website and choose to have the item shipped or local pickup.