Highwood Crossing

Highwood Crossing believes that the relationship between the land, what we eat and our health is vitally linked.
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810 Centre St SE
High River, AB T1V 1E8


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Based out of High River, the Highwood Crossing certified-organic farm -- which has been in the family since 1899 -- and food processing facility strive to provide its customer base with the best organically-produced grains, flours, cereals, granola, and oil.

Highwood Crossing is highly environmentally conscious, growing from its land in ways that ensure increased biodiversity. It enhances habitat conditions for beneficial insects, birds and wildlife by leaving large riparian buffer zones that provide food, water, cover and space; leaves grassed waterways within the fields to prevent soil erosion, and its mowing program for weed management begins after grassland-nesting birds have raised their young. Highwood Crossing also plants trees on an ongoing basis to help sequester carbon.

Any raw ingredients used in the production of our products must also be organic and approved under the Canadian Organic Regime (COR). Highwood sources raw ingredients from as close a distance as possible, and uses 100% of its raw materials. Highwood Crossing is a zero-waste operation.

Highwood Crossing has a strategic community partnership with its local adult developmental disability society, and employs three individuals from that program.