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COVID-19 UPDATE: Developed free and easy to understand support guides for working digitally during COVID-19 pandemic, covering topics such as, Zoom etiquette, and email rules of engagement. Email Human Elements Canada for more information!

Human Elements is a Calgary-based consulting firm that helps smaller Canadian social profits (non-profits, social enterprises) thrive. Human Elements does this by helping organizations generate custom strategic plans with a strong focus on their own clients/patrons; they do this through engaging, flexible team workshop and training sessions; and they do this by providing on-demand, high-quality human resources support.

Human Elements specializes in workshops where participants will gain a understanding of the core concepts and practical tools, feel that they can immediately increase their organization’s impact, strengthen relationships with those in the room, have fun while learning, and leave hungry for more. Topics covered include: Design thinking, social enterprise, unproductive employees, email culture in the workplace, and custom workshops such as, team building, MBTI, workplace culture and many more. 

Human Elements typically works with social profit organizations, however they also assist small-to-medium-sized businesses. Human Elements clients normally have between five to 100 employees, and their leaders are enthusiastic to grow the organization, are open to improving the way work gets done, and want to make the lives of their clients and employees better.