Ingrid Kuenzel is a locally-minded commercial photographer, passionate about marketing local and environmental businesses.
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Ingrid Kue Photography specializes in business imaging; particularly product, portraiture and architectural photos that go beyond stock images ~ taking the mundane and making it stand-out-spectacular.

Today your online presence is the ‘cover on your book’ by which you are often chosen, it is your first impression.  Ingrid believes in creating images that accurately portray the person behind the business and capturing products in complement with the brand identity in her photography.  She gravitates to clients and brands that share her values for sustainable business practices.

Ingrid’s work includes advertising, commercial, editorial and lifestyle, with a heavy weight on food photography, portraiture & architecture.  Her photography is often created on location to capture the pure essence of the client’s business. She also loves creating custom images in her studio and photoshop

Some of her work can be seen in Alberta’s Culinaire Magazine where Ingrid has been responsible for most of their cover shots and extensive imaging since inception.  Given her love of great food and drink and the chefs that prepare it, many of her other clients are restaurants and food producers.

REAP Business Association is proud to have Ingrid capture many of their images as their photographer of choice.