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Julie is a dedicated Calgary real estate, events, and portrait photographer and an exhibiting artist
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Julie observes all necessary health orders and is thrice vaccinated. Volunteers or contractors working with Julie Vincent Photography must have both vaccinations and must have evidence of vaccination on hand, should clients request/require it. For outdoor events, photographers maintain a safe distance.

Julie's clients come first. Her primary goal is to create excellent, representative, gorgeous photography of their listings and commercial properties to enhance and ground their reputations as dedicated professionals. Her real estate photography is unique and her motto is to shoot how a home feels, not just how a house looks.

Julie is a skilled portrait/head shot photographer. She is uniquely skilled at creating a rapport with her clients, and understanding not only their goals and needs for their photography, but who they are as people, and what they stand for. Julie is skilled at putting even the most skittish client at ease. Her comfortable, private studio is equipped with her secret weapon, Ella, the studio dog, a gentle presence to calm rattled nerves.

Julie is an award-winning events photographer. Beautiful archival events photography is a key to organisations' history and future. Julie's trained, artistic eye influences her events work resulting in creative, yet highly representative photography for organisations large, or small.