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Kimberly Art offers artistic services including murals, graphic design, fine art, and surface design
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Those services that require in person actions, such as mural painting, require certain adaptations in order to keep the community safe. Kimberly Art is dedicated to following all safety guidelines put in place, and ensures these protocols are understood and put into place for any and all business interactions.

Kimberly Art is a Calgary small business that offers many artistic services including commissioned fine art, graphic design, murals, pattern and surface design as well as other collaborative projects! Kimberly Art has collaborated with several Calgary businesses to create beautiful murals and designs for their businesses and pairs with local stores to get paint and painting supplies. As Kimberly Art continues to grow, their dream is to forge community connections and create lasting impact in the Calgary area. Kimberly Art is owned and operated by Kimberly O’Blenes, a young woman born, raised and living in Calgary, Alberta. Kimberly has a passion for creating and has taken her artistic skills into the workforce in order to continually create beauty in the world around her. She is someone who loves to learn new things and who faces challenges head on.