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A non-profit organization that focuses on building a strong support network to strengthen the core relationships that women have
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Covid-19 has shown more reasons to build connections among women. Undoubtedly, Covid-19 has exacerbated social and economic inequities for women who have had to stay home because they lost their jobs or because they had to take on increasing responsibilities for home and child care. Please reach out to Ladies in the Family Foundation as they work with you to bring better back for all women by promoting stronger emotional and social wellness.

At ladies in the Family Foundation, your emotional and social well being is important to them. You will be served by leveraging resources from other groups in their community that support women's relationship building and social wellness. LIFF's objectives also include advocating for a well rounded social consciousness and creating a platform where cultural disparities are bridged and issues pertinent to the development of healthy relationships with and for women are freely discussed.

You will be listened to regardless of the diverse viewpoints on issues that are common to women. Through guided story-telling and open conversations on sensitive issues that impact women's emotional wellbeing as a result of their upbringing, individual experiences, and the environments they find themselves, your social intelligence will become more apt and rewarding within your personal, professional, entrepreneurial and mental spaces.

You can register on their website or directly by visiting Free Webinar Here or their Plated Dinner, Music, Dance and Cultural Performances Here