They want to inspire, motivate, and create an empowering community of like-minded individuals to live sustainably in style
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Because this is mostly an E-Commerce business, it has not really been impacted by Covid-19

lifewithpandj is a husband & wife team whose sole goal is to make sustainability stylish and convenient. It is no secret that as a society, we need to make changes to the way we live and the products we consume.lifewithpandj believes sustainability does not have to be tacky or inconvenient, but rather, it can be stylish and does not have to inconvenience the way you live. The value they create for their customers, followers, and the community is not only to provide stylish and sustainable products, but also free educational content about health & beauty, organization, style, and much more. Their business does this better than anyone else because of its commitment to high quality, stylish, and functional products, but also the unique content they provide.

Pierre and Janelle are the founders behind the brand. This started as a peek into their lives but has evolved into a sustainable business committed to providing value to all of its followers and the broader community. This business is fairly new and intimate at the moment, but it has vast goals to increase its product offerings in the near future.